DiagramWelcome to Computer Connect,

  As a small IT company located in the village of La Salette, Ontario, we offer IT services to residential and business customers in the area between Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Delhi and Simcoe.  

In-house Service:

  1. Diagnostic on hardware and software.
  2. Repair on Computers and Laptops of all brands.
  3. Prevention of common problems through software and hardware solutions.
  4. Maintenance through the means of regular check-ups and tuning of the systems.

On-Site Service:

  1. Diagnostic on hardware and software. This is also extended to any existing computer network with all hardware and software connected to it.
  2. Setup of infrastructure between computers, networks, routers, printers and any other network compatible device to the network.
  3. Repair of problems with computers and other devices in connection with the device itself or the interaction with each other over the network.
  4. Prevention of common problems through software and hardware solutions.
  5. Maintenance of the computers, printers, routers, switches and other devices on the network through regular check-ups and tuning to the system.

Key Subjects: Computers – Wireless Networks – Wired Networks

Area: Teeterville, Rattlesnake Harbour, Windham Centre, Lynnville, Nixon, Simcoe, Delhi, Norwich, Courtland, Tillsonburg, Otterville, Springford, Hawtrey, Arthur's Corners, Bookton, Milldale, Cornell, Ranelagh, Scotland, Kelvin, Northfield, Hatchley, Hink's Corners, Rock's Mills, Rosanna, Wyecombe, Lynedoch, Glenshee, Pine Grove, Powells Corners, Atherton, Greens Corner, Bill's Corners, Hillcrest, Round Plains, Brown's Corners.